Photo by  Laredo Montoneri

I’m a freelance lifestyle-portrait photographer living, working, and playing in the New York metropolitan area, co-creating a life of constant inspiration.  The moments in which I experience the most profound joy are when my photography touches people -- when, in addition to capturing their likeness, it captures their energy.  A glimpse into one’s inner beauty that translates into a photograph is like magic that can be touched. I believe that beauty, in its simplicity, is the quintessential expression of inspiration.  A real self equals real beauty, and when this quest begins, inspiration occurs at the moment one catches the other.  Could it be that my photography is an invitation to people to get REAL, therefore, BEAUTIFUL?  If the answer is yes, I simply love that! Clients include: NYTimes, Fratelli Rossetti, Thomas Sabo, Hobbs London, Steinway Pianos, IRP Kitchens & Bath,  Club Macanudo, Aeterna Vos, Trivu Media, Telecom Italia, CA Chartered Accountants of Alberta, Shop Alter Ego, FIT Consulting, Sincronizzando Corporate Magazine, Top Floor Corner Office, Corporate Magazine, Aleksa Palladino (Boad Walk Empire), Joseph Wooten (Steve Miller Band), Roy Future Man Wooten (Grammy Award Winner), Vanessa Perez (Pianist). P.S. if interested in art work you see in the photo on the left please visit