Photo by  Laredo Montoneri

WELCOME to this site, where I share different aspects about myself as an artist.  

Creating images & stories of people that are stylistically beautiful, authentic and empowering is what excites me. I’m thrilled to offer my clients the opportunity to rediscover beauty through my eyes. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: I am fascinated by faces and moods as they shift in different environments and throughout time.  My portraiture photography aims  to capturing the likeness and the energy of my subjects.  It’s a delight when I’m able to translate into an image an expression that even the subject has never seen in themselves, and yet it still resonates, often setting them on the path to further self discovery. There is always an element of whimsical that transpires, paired with a skillful use of light to fit the mood and the environment.

PASTELS: My series of pastels (inspired by Modigliani) is where I concentrate on the creation of female faces and forms born of my own imagination. This format allows me to be expansive, giving flight to my mind’s eye.  Creating characters and telling their stories sparks a rush of mental images that I often feel compelled to set to pastels. They have depth, and they are fully fleshed out characters. Every detail contributes to the story.  

SCULPTURES: Recently I've reveled in the process of translating all these concepts and ideas into the 3 dimensional arena via hand-blown glass in Murano, Italy. 

I truly hope you enjoy the art presented in this site and that some part of my process and journey inspires you as well.

Clients include: NYTimes, Fratelli Rossetti, Thomas Sabo, Hobbs London, Steinway Pianos, IRP Kitchens & Bath,  Club Macanudo, Aeterna Vos, Trivu Media, Telecom Italia, CA Chartered Accountants of Alberta, Shop Alter Ego, FIT Consulting, Sincronizzando Corporate Magazine, Top Floor Corner Office, Corporate Magazine, Aleksa Palladino (Boad Walk Empire), Joseph Wooten (Steve Miller Band), Roy Future Man Wooten (Grammy Award Winner), Vanessa Perez (Pianist). 

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